give, save & spend – college curriculum

The Give, Save & Spend Instructor’s Workbook is designed for professors to teach college students God’s perspective on managing money and possessions.

It can be taught in a variety of settings, can be a 1-3 credit course and is designed for flexibility to meet the unique needs of each college or university and includes the following:

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college small group study

This six week, web-based small group study is designed for college age students. It teaches individuals God’s perspective of managing money and possessions and is a great study for church use or college campus ministries!

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high school small group study

This six week, web-based bible study teaches high school students God’s perspective of managing money and possessions. It can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, computer or virtually any device with a web browser. It will provide the practical applications of handling finances, and really gets to the heart of the matter.

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business school

On March 29th, 2014, Asbury University dedicated its new Howard Dayton School of Business with a chapel celebration ceremony. The business school has three core values including academic excellence, spiritual vitality and entrepreneurial stewardship.

The new school of business will aim to prepare its graduates to tackle economic, social and spiritual poverty around the world, with the goal of becoming the best business school “for” the world.

“The vision is to have a global impact, because to our knowledge there is not another business school anywhere on the globe who will be doing what we’re going to be doing,” said Dayton in a media release. “As I talk to business people around the world, they’re very eager to learn from what we’ll be doing at the school at Asbury.”

Dr. Sandra Gray, president of Asbury University, said the formation of the new business school was a natural fit with the university’s overall mission. “Our mission is all about preparing men and women to make a difference in their homes, society, family, church and the world; there’s not any segment of life that business doesn’t impact in some way,” Gray said in the media release. “Our commitment to the integration of faith and learning almost mandates a strong business program to integrate our faith principles and Christian value and understanding within the financial and economic decisions we’re making.”


high school curriculum

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